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FISM in Beijing early arrivers

Hi! I am from Vienna (Austria), 46 years old and a dedicated magician. I will arrive at Beijing on July 18th which is one week before the FISM-convention starts. I plan to do sightseeing and to have good chinese meals. Is anybody with an urge for discussing magic interested in meeting some evening a...
by Mecki
04/24/09 11:01 AM
Forum: Convention Room Mate Finder
Topic: FISM in Beijing early arrivers
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Re: Now Let's Try: Best GAFFED Packet Tricks

Originally posted by Sterling52: "Twisted Sister" is hard to beat, esp. if a Himber wallet is used to switch out the "dirty" cards to end clean. I agree on the fact that "twisted sisters" is hard to beat. But the "Himber-wallet" does not make any sense in thi...
by Mecki
03/16/05 10:27 AM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Now Let's Try: Best GAFFED Packet Tricks
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Re: Pinky Count

In a lecture the reasonably talented David Williamson explained how he developed the necessary strenght with the pinky. When practicing (at school under the desk) he put the third finger under the deck. Try it. There is a very strange feeling to it, but if one can do it this way, normal pinky counti...
by Mecki
03/02/05 07:57 AM
Forum: Magic History and Anecdotes
Topic: Pinky Count
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Re: memorized deck

Some personal remarks on the memorized deck: 1) A confession: It took me more than one year to learn the Aronson Stack. Reading Mr. Aronsons encouraging words about people who have learned the stack in no time was a nice incentive, but for me it simply did not work. Now after I finally feel fit to d...
by Mecki
01/13/05 10:34 AM
Forum: Mentalism & Mental Magic
Topic: memorized deck
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Re: Aronson Stack

"Any Card to any Number" Version Nr. 1 (Barrie Richardson, Theater of the Mind)
The most devillish method for this effect...

"Happy Birthday" from "Simply Simon" (Simon Aronson).

Both tricks are stack-independent.
by Mecki
12/07/04 09:47 AM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Aronson Stack
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