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Re: "I Hate Card Tricks" by Magicbob

Wow! What a firestorm has been created. I had no idea such a lively discussion was occuring here. But, as the author, I guess I should really weigh in. First of all, let me introduce myself. I am not some teenager out to make a fast buck. My name is Robert Pulver. I have been performing magic since ...
by Magicbob
03/23/08 03:00 PM
Forum: Other Magic Publications
Topic: "I Hate Card Tricks" by Magicbob
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Re: Who is the greatest today

MaxMaven ichi-ban de-gozaimasu
by Magicbob
03/01/06 02:49 PM
Forum: Mentalism & Mental Magic
Topic: Who is the greatest today
Replies: 34
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Re: March issue with Penn & Teller Mailed!

The p&t section is outstand supurb graphics. Congratulations1
by Magicbob
02/28/06 02:05 PM
Forum: General
Topic: March issue with Penn & Teller Mailed!
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Re: How Long Do you Spend Reading Genii?

It seems that for a few more years we will be subject to the cheapness of Wilmarth. Once his presidency is over I'm sure someone will introduce the idea that we are not out to publish the Linking Ring on the cheap and they will come up to date with a larger format,coated stock, like they used to and...
by Magicbob
06/12/05 10:17 AM
Forum: General
Topic: How Long Do you Spend Reading Genii?
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I have heard that Lon Mandrake, soon to retire, is getting ready to go on a lecture tour over the USA. Since he is the son of Leon Mandrake, TWGM any info?
by Magicbob
02/13/05 01:43 PM
Forum: General
Topic: Mandrake
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The Quality of Genii

Am I the only person who appreciates the graphic quality of the Kauffmanized Genii? Now the mag has graphic elegance that the Larsen family never knew. Now how how about the Cheap Linking Ring, when will it begin to improve starting with the upgrading of all of its paper. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs...
by Magicbob
02/09/05 01:37 PM
Forum: General
Topic: The Quality of Genii
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Re: Let me know what other magazines you read in addition to Genii

You must assume much of the credit. The graphic excellence of Genii has imoroved ten times since the graphic tragedy of Erika. Great taste and restraint. I often write Phil Wilmarth to stop doing the Linking Ring on the Cheap!
by Magicbob
02/07/05 09:25 AM
Forum: General
Topic: Let me know what other magazines you read in addition to Genii
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Re: Local hang out for Ocala Magicians

Please tell us all-where?
by Magicbob
01/21/05 12:47 PM
Forum: Magician's Local Hangouts
Topic: Local hang out for Ocala Magicians
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Re: favourite illustrations

The one that really impressed me was Tenkai. He published a manuscript through Abbotts that had a few tricks, but the illustrations for his silken cords were clear and specific. Taihen josu [censored].
by Magicbob
08/09/03 01:35 PM
Forum: General
Topic: favourite illustrations
Replies: 58
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Re: July Genii in the Mail!

July issue tihen josu desu. Ichiban omoshiroi.
Shemada-SAN-WA, anata-no kokoro no naka ni Yamata
damashi-ga ari masu. Dozo Shimada no namai wa wasuli nai de kudasai. Kauffman-san-wa yoku [censored].
Baker desu.
by Magicbob
06/26/03 03:29 PM
Forum: General
Topic: July Genii in the Mail!
Replies: 45
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Re: Keep up the excellent work!

I am amazed at the graphic elegance of Genii. The restraint of the art director is great,(one initial cap per page. and none od the temptations of previous editiors to exploit the Typestyler Program for every deviation and shape of type. Keep up the clean elegant look.
by Magicbob
05/14/03 03:03 PM
Forum: General
Topic: Keep up the excellent work!
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Re: Castle Confusion....

The Castle, while I love it has been confused for a long timne. I was once a member by the way of Bill Cisco and the Magic Cruise. I went once in my life and had a greaqt time. Then Bill died and I got a caustic letter stating that I did not support the club by having dinner there. I lived in Miami,...
by Magicbob
01/16/03 10:09 AM
Forum: General
Topic: Castle Confusion....
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Re: A Loaded Question for the Readers of Genii

Years ago while living in Tokyo, I studied Japanese and got pretty good at it, but never to the point I could read it. The most popular magazine was "Kijutsu Kenkyo" (the study of Magic.) While I coulden't read the Kangi Characters the vast number of illustrations made it all understandabl...
by Magicbob
06/16/02 12:12 PM
Forum: Magicana
Topic: A Loaded Question for the Readers of Genii
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Who is Leon Mandrake?
by Magicbob
06/16/02 12:02 PM
Forum: General
Topic: Question
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