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Re: In The Hands Wild Card DVD Released Very Soon

Tom, you have a winner here. Having seen you perform this a few times and just picking up my copy of your DVD, I am really impressed with the production and "teach-in" on the DVD. I can't find fault with it at all. Sorry I missed the in store teach-in but I think you really do a 1st class ...
by scott snider
11/23/05 08:33 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: In The Hands Wild Card DVD Released Very Soon
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Re: The Boris Wild Marked Deck - Factory Printed by US Playing Card!

Are these decks going to be in limited supply?
by scott snider
07/27/05 11:40 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: The Boris Wild Marked Deck - Factory Printed by US Playing Card!
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The May issue is great Richard and they just keep getting better. Pete, I keep hoping someday we will see a story on you in there someday.
by scott snider
04/17/05 10:16 PM
Forum: General
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Larry Becker does have a very strong routine using the Roth made Bendix Bombshell. I found one at a flea market and persued the routine using this prop. While it is a quality piece of sewn leather, I have had several folks catch the fact that it is a z fold wallet due to its thickness. After recentl...
by scott snider
08/16/04 08:51 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
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Re: Frozen in Time

As Bob stated above, I too loved David Oliver's writeup on this ingenius trick. I have had mine now for three years after seeing it performed at the Desert Seminar. I have gotten a lot of mileage out of it and agree that is doesn't need the sleeve to be effective. I have passed it out for visual ins...
by scott snider
04/18/04 12:21 PM
Forum: Light From the Lamp
Topic: Frozen in Time
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Re: Jerry´s Nugget Cards

Hello Pablo, have you tried emailing the casino to see if they could get some out to you? Sometimes they will sell their used decks and dice. I am sure someone going to Vegas in January could pick you up a few decks while they are there.
by scott snider
12/03/03 09:26 PM
Forum: Collector's Marketplace
Topic: Jerry´s Nugget Cards
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Re: Larry Becker's Casino Royale

You won't be disappointed with the viking set. I have made mine own per Mr. Becker's directions and believe me it is not only time consuming but to create the bills and collect the chips are really beyond the average scope of the performer. Save yourself the grief and get it from Mr. Becker or Vikin...
by scott snider
12/03/03 09:10 PM
Forum: Collector's Marketplace
Topic: Larry Becker's Casino Royale
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Re: Silk to Egg

Thanks for the egg tips Chance. You are the man! Tried these out and boy do the eggs look real. As always, your ideas are great as well as the product line you put your name on. Keep up the great work.

by scott snider
09/30/03 08:52 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Silk to Egg
Replies: 30
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Re: Dry Hands

Crack Creme? Couldn't find it at WalMart after asking for it. Asked for the "other Crack Creme" Vagisil and you should have seen the look on the ladies face as she led me to its location. I am sold on this stuff after trying it out last night. I was doing stuff with cards that these dry ha...
by scott snider
06/20/03 07:24 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Dry Hands
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Re: The Amazing Jonathan

Pete, I guess that disspells all rumors of him opening for Penn and Teller at the Rio in January.
by scott snider
06/20/03 06:59 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: The Amazing Jonathan
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Re: Lots of magic books listed on Ebay.

I just came to this thread after leaving ebay and asking a seller of magic books if they would change their mind about their "pay pal only" policy. Boy, it is amazing and thankful this thread has done a loop. There is some great info to be learned here. I am one of those unfortunate folks ...
by scott snider
05/07/03 11:00 PM
Forum: Collector's Marketplace
Topic: Lots of magic books listed on Ebay.
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Re: Illusion Building Tips #1

Chance, thanks for the great tips. I am hooked and look forward to more just like a soap opera.

by scott snider
03/10/03 10:31 PM
Forum: Platform & Stage Magic
Topic: Illusion Building Tips #1
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