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Re: Mickey Silver's Coin Retention Vanish (Silver's Ultimate Vanish)

Some wonderful videos of Mickey Silver practicing can be found on YouTube at

I just spent half of today watching this man's remarkable magic. Wow!
by chetday
05/21/11 05:33 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Mickey Silver's Coin Retention Vanish (Silver's Ultimate Vanish)
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Re: eBooks: The Transition REALLY Begins

I think age has a lot to do with this. I bought a Kindle several months ago and downloaded a lot of free classic novels from various sites on the web, but I've yet to purchase any material for the Kindle. I mean, seriously, I can go to Amazon and buy a paperback novel for less than the price of the ...
by chetday
05/20/11 02:41 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: eBooks: The Transition REALLY Begins
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Re: January 2011 issue

My issue arrived in North Carolina today. Thanks for another great issue, as well as for the freebie monte/case.
by chetday
12/17/10 03:40 PM
Forum: General
Topic: January 2011 issue
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Re: Time-Warp Wallet - Jon Racherbaumer -June

I received my Time Warp Wallet this past week and am very happy with it, just as I am with all the purchases I've made from Dave Solomon.
by chetday
06/12/10 03:16 PM
Forum: Columns
Topic: Time-Warp Wallet - Jon Racherbaumer -June
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Re: David Blaine - Death Dealer

I like the way Blaine's personality has opened up over the years. He was so much more relaxed in this special than in the early ones, especially in the way he let himself enjoy the reactions of his spectators for his close-up work. For me, the close-up magic made the show worthwhile, though I have t...
by chetday
09/25/08 12:48 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: David Blaine - Death Dealer
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