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Peter Duffie - 4/15 - Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Peter Duffie!

Your 4/15 birthday would be especially taxing each year if you were American.

10-4 (not 1040), over and out,
- Marty Kane

(ps - regards to:
by shrink
04/15/08 07:48 PM
Forum: Magic History and Anecdotes
Topic: Peter Duffie - 4/15 - Happy Birthday!
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Re: The Next Book

On the topic of new books and delays, here's an update for those of you who've ordered it: Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks, Volume 4, announced at his website as being ready for shipping on August 15, had its first shipment sent out yesterday, August 17.
by shrink
08/18/02 01:13 PM
Forum: General
Topic: The Next Book
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Re: Upcoming Books...

According to Steve Beam's newly addressed site (<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->), his Semi-Automatic Card Tricks, Volume 4 is due to be released on August 15 and his long out of print Volume 1 in the same series will be reprinted later th...
by shrink
06/24/02 05:11 AM
Forum: General
Topic: Upcoming Books...
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Re: Card Craft

Card Craft is the best book of card magic I own, mainly because it epitomizes the style of card magic I study, practice, perform, and delight in reading/re-reading. I have found this is not the style the bulk of cardicians focus upon. After Craft and Trickery Treats further exemplify this style, but...
by shrink
03/18/02 07:04 PM
Forum: Kaufman & Company
Topic: Card Craft
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Re: Card Counting

Card Counting will always have its inherent weaknesses. A rarely cited source which offers innovative tips and techniques to speed the count along is in Lewis Jones'1996 book, Counter Feats, under the trick, appropriately titled, "Speedcount."
by shrink
07/19/01 07:52 PM
Forum: Feature Articles
Topic: Card Counting
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